The Organic and Effective Treatment for Pitted Acne Scars!

Published: 25th July 2011
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There are two main characteristics of what an acne scar will be: Pitted or depressed and pigmented.

How pitted acne scars are formed is through the diminution of skin tissue derived from harm to the skin's top layers. Depressed scars have an "ice-pick" appearance, with jagged and sharp edges, or can be softer scars, appearing much like scars left over from chicken-pox.

When an acne blemish has been cured, the brown and red marks left behind are known as pigmented acne scars. This type of acne scarring is the most common. Although it is not permanent, it takes from weeks to months to finally disappear visibly. Often, the scar has not faded away before a new set of blemishes arrive - causing a perpetual cycle of disfigured skin that can leave many sufferers of acne depressed about the condition of their skin. Some people may have found a treatment that maintains their blemishes under control - only to discover that the red or brown marks remain - preventing their skin from looking fully clear and acne-free.

When treated twice daily in a disciplined regimen lasting a period of time, both of these types of scars have been proven they are able to be eliminated completely. Depending on how deep and old the pigmented and pitted acne scars are, 8 to 12 weeks could be an optimal range to clear them up successfully.

Results for loss of tissue may take longer if harm to tissues is too extended or has been happening for too long. In this case other remedies may be needed and alternatives are: microdermabrasion, cosmetic fillers, fat injections, deep chemical peelings or laser surgery.

Some organic acne solutions work due to the action of a unique component in them. The only fluid made by a living creature to heal skin when injured and to fight bacteria, in situations much like those dreaded by acne sufferers. It is a mucin produced by the humble land snail for many natural functions. Among them to control bacteria, protect the skin from ultraviolet rays and oxidation by free radicals. And, what is of far most importance for acne patients, to eliminate flawed skin cells and replace them with new healthy collagen, elastin and all the structural elements of healthy skin, including the water retaining molecules. This will help plump the underlying structure of the skin - further reducing the depth and appearance of the scars.

The great benefit for these acne scar treatments is that there are no harsh side effects that one must go through when clearing their scars. Within a month of using natural solutions twice a day ever day, you will see a significant change in the softness and color of your skin. Pigmented acne scarring will be highly improved and the general texture of your skin will be softer and smoother. Within 4 weeks of use, you will also see a significant reduction in acne breakouts. If you are still breaking out, you will find that the acne scars will be greatly reduced in size - and the marks they leave behind will vanish very quickly.

This Texas native jumped into discovering about skin care after having a wide variety of skin issues all through her young adult years. She has researched everything from acne, stretch marks, eczema to scars and cellulite; why these troubles appear and both trendy and all natural treatment alternatives.

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