How a Unique Skin Care Cream Containing a Serum from a Living Creature Works to Treat a Large

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Published: 20th December 2010
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It is effective because it works perfectly with what our biology mandates. You've heard it countless times! Your ability to cope with assaults and insults from the environment depends on how strong your immune system is. The same applies to the skin which is by far the largest organ of your body and the one you generally expose nude, in certain areas, without even the least protection to hazards, solar radiation and damaging free radicals.

The brown garden snail is a creature with skin very similar to human skin that has evolved during millions of years to perfectly adapt to thriving with its skin exposed nude to the same culprits we have to cope with. Snails, especially the land Helix Aspersa Muller, have had an important role in medicine for years. Hippocrates himself even recognized the special healing properties of the snails' serum. Since the 19th century there has been a renewed interest in the pharmaceutical and medical use of snails, particularly for dermatological applications.

A Solution That Has Always Been Before Our Very Eyes

We most often associate snails to a foreign French dish called Escargot, it's basically something we would probably never eat, let alone touch. That is, until people working on a snail farm in Chile noticed that the cuts and abrasions on their hands had healed faster than ever and left behind no scar.

But don't think that you can pick this blessed healer out of your garden bed. This particular snail species lives in areas of the world favored by Mediterranean soil & weather, where the seasons are clearly different from one another, for they love orchards and vineyards where the most tasty fruits are grown and provide for the brewing of the best wines.Snails are amazing little creatures. Haven't you ever wondered how a snail survives in such hostile terrain? - a snail's fragile body is protected by a thin covering, so how can it exist in a danger-filled environment? What exactly protects its skin while it crawls over rough terrain, sharp rocks or even broken glass?

The snail secretes a solution capable of protecting it from solar rays, cuts, wounds, and deadly bacteria. This protective secretion regenerates its body when attacked by predators or simply rejuvenates skin destroyed by other elements such as the sun or free radicals.

How does the organic skin care serum works? The modus operandi of the snail when its skin or even some of its organs are damaged and attacked by micro-organisms or when damage is inflicted by predators is quite different than our strong internal 'inflammation' reaction. Instead, it copiously produces the ONLY natural fluid substance created by a living creature. This particular serum is a complete and balanced innate immune response. It is the majestic result of the evolutionary drift that deeply moisturizes skin while protecting it from UV radiation. This is possible due to the antioxidants and antimicrobials present in the secretion. An evolutionary masterpiece that ultimately aims to restore the integrity of the skin by the action of the complex enzymes and repair molecules it produces within its own cells.

What will it do for you? For human skin, it does something similar. It reinforces the production and action of antimicrobial peptides secreted by our own skin and also helps strengthen the body's ability to destroy infectious microbes along with dead or dying cells.

This revolutionary discovery contains enzymes that remove scar tissue and dissolve damaged cells, and abnormal keratin plugs. They also release amino-acids and other components that rebuild healthy molecules and replace damaged skin tissue.

Snail Serum's Benefits for You

Keep Your Skin Beautiful, Healthy, and Age-Free Without Cosmetic Surgery, Filler Injections or Chemical Peeling!

Enhances inter and intra cellular communication, stimulates extracellular matrix assembly and the regulation of degrading enzyme activities, which limits the extent of damage during wounding and scar formation. Stimulates cell turnover and the BIOSYNTHESIS of healthy cells and the orderly regeneration of whatever cells and tissues may be damaged. Supports the proliferation of the water holding carbohydrate molecules within the skin.

But wait, it doesn't stop there. The rich functionality of natural biological products is undoubtedly one of their stunning strengths. The lotion also surprisingly restores balance to skin afflicted by acne lesions or rosacea outbreaks and quickly diminishes acne scarring. It contributes to scar less healing of minor wounds and injuries and reduces keloid scars and post surgery or accidental hypertrophic or raised scars like no other scar lotion.It is also a powerful antioxidant that takes care of free radical damage inflicted by damaging UV radiation or radiotherapy, toxins from environmental pollution and chemicals and damaged caused by our own metabolism or repair mechanisms like those active in fighting acne lesions or injuries.

The gift of nature and contribution to our beauty, and a lifetime of healthy skin and graceful aging we can get from the humble brown garden snail can be compared to the beauty we derive from using the oysters' pearls, the caressing softness and beauty of silk created by silkworms, or the benefits that we get from the multiple products of the honey-bee. The organic skin care products made with this natural skin care serum plus pure botanical extracts are safe as they are totally compatible with what the biology of our own living cells dictates.

You will find certain skin care products which will in addition use cold pressed virgin strawberry seed oil which intensifies their antioxidant and moisture retaining properties while spicing up your skincare experience with a sensual and sweet aroma.

A magic charm? Nope, we brew our potions out of scientifically verified biological mechanisms--but our cherished customers very frequently notify us that the results they've seen are pretty much like sorcery, so we don't blame you for wondering! What are you waiting for? Just give it a risk-free try and you will be wondering what else might we soon discover in Mother Nature that could pleasantly surprise you and make our lives so much enjoyable and easier.

This Texas local started off discovering about skin care after having a variety of skin conditions through her young adult years. She has examined everything from acne, stretch marks, eczema to scars and cellulite; why these troubles appear and both trendy and allnatural treatment alternatives.

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